Competence is tough to measure and establish since it is a complex notion (FitzGerald et al., 2001). As much persons wrongly think, competence isn’t simply the satisfactory efficiency of a collection chores; competence is a lot wider than that. Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (2011) defines competence extra extensively as the positioning of skills, know-how ,attitudes, values and capacity to perform that base effective and or better accomplishment in a specialist area.

Competence is one of the five primary constructs of caring behaviours. To be able to demonstrate caring frame of mind as a well-qualified professional nurse, one must first be a competent practitioner of the nursing profession. For a nurse to come to be fully competent there may be the need to have a sound knowledge based on my area of specialty in various other to function independently confidently.

Smith & Straham (2004) identifies that the capability to teach requires significant amount of self-assurance in one’s professional job. A nurse who lacks self-assurance as a tutor isn’t probable to give up control of the ward or classroom to learners.

High self-efficacy can be really wanted from me as tutor. One most crucial aspect about teaching is that it also can help you develop your know-how. Feeling unsure and uncertain as a nurse isn’t a good quality, I need to gain confidence as well as I have gained experience. As an employee nurse teaching college student nurses is an important component of my duty, college student will always turn to me for assistance and direction in clinical care. Normally student nurses find it easier to approach recently registered nurses to ask for support and counselling.


With most current exclusion of stimulated knowledge, traditional methods to clinical education in nursing contain not really been changed substantially for years. In this olden style, faculty instructors give instructions and evaluate learning for a group of 8 to 10 college students and are clinical professionals and supervisors for them. Patient assignments are often received in advance and clinical activities are planned for by reviewing procedures, pathology, drugs and nursing interventions.

When teaching I interact with the student through the individual assigned to them but I lack self-confidence which is usually unprofessional. My priority though is my individual care first and the training student a second concern. Their primary marriage normally has been faculty people. My duty also as a tutor in the ward can be to work simultaneously with the students each day. Sometimes the occurrence of students in the ward is seen as burdensome and interferes with my ability to provide patient care.

Raines (2006, Pp. 8) stressed that nurses generate an enormous difference in likewise helping students have scientific competence and abilities. When scholar nurses are allocated to staff nurses they start to appreciate the full selection of professional nursing functions and responsibilities however in a case where in fact the personnel nurse assigned to a student nurse lacks self confidence what would the scholar feel?

Clinical practice competence and skill competence both relies on role competence (O’Rourke, 2006).


The National Council of Point out Board of Nursing (2005) defines competence as the energy to do something and apply Knowledge, interpersonal, directing and psychomotor expertise to nursing practice function.Tiley (2008) noted that there is no definite and welcomed description of competence in nursing education and practice. Notwithstanding competence is usually defined in unlike ways, there exists a common goal: to guarantee nurses have the info, skills and power to perform tasks expected and necessary for their practical settings. The word competence is acquired from Latin and it means having important attributes and abilities to function in a distinguishing methods.

Nagelsmith (1995) explains the foundation of professional competence as a couple of essential and appropriate knowledge, abilities and attitudes. There are different essential features needed to achieve competence:

Perseverance of Knowledge, skills and abilities valence electron definition needed for graduates of nursing education applications, based on principles and legal requirement;

Pertinence to current practice;

Registration and licensing examinations by plank of nursing;

Board of nursing persistent education requirements for licensing;

Employer watching cautiously of required staff development modules, finishing of training, demonstrations and examinations;

Guidelines and accreditation for nursing practice.

In addition, competences happen to be required in practice as a profession because it is required to always exercise kinds professional responsibility and practice. Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC) included competence as a constituent in professional practice because as a specialist you need to keep your expertise and knowledge current throughout your working life. Particularly you should participate as a subject of normal practice in learning activities that grows your competence and accomplishment. To practice capably in learning activities that develops your competence and performance.

To practice capably one will need to have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for lawful, safe and effective practice without direct guidance. One must recognise the degree of their professional competence and simply attempt practice and agree to responsibilities. It was also mentioned that if a location of practice is definitely beyond ones degree of competence or outside your neighborhood of specialization, you need to get help and supervision. One also has a responsibility to aid the progress of students of nursing, midwifery and wellness viewing and others to cultivate their competence. Having accountability to deliver care based on current proof, best practice and where suitable, validated research when obtainable.


Safe nursing practice in my chosen area, mental well being at this level is normally typified by the use of nursing process to take care of people with really existing or potential mental health issues or psychiatric disorders to: advance and promote health and safety I should have the ability to evaluate dysfunction: help individuals to reunite or improve their coping abilities, rise strengths and prevent further disability. In contributing to safe practice to the persons in the society i have to develop my competence in a broad sphere of interventions ,including health promotion and health and wellbeing maintained plan of action, intake screening and evaluation and triage, case supervision, milieu therapy, advertising of self care actions, psychobiologic interventions, health coaching, giving advice, critical circumstances attention and psychiatric restoration.

The nurse maintains accountability for keeping competence in this spot of mental wellbeing nursing practice through prolonged learning. Competence is an essential component in my own professional responsibilities. Professional duties also need me to recognise limitations and set myself in adjustments and duties that allows me to operate safely. Minimum vital competence for safe practice is also needed for me they include necessary features such as basic principles of nursing, significant thinking, interpersonal relations and regions of ethics.

There will be a lot of risk involved functioning as a mental overall health nurse; preventing suicide will depend on the nurse’s capability to know about a person’s suicidal risk status a scalene triangle. Normally mental health nurses will be the most competent to attempt a full risk assessment of a suicidal patient. The general health professional is generally placed instead of activity where potential person suicide risk is usually sure through immediate account from the individual, noting of behaviour or from individual history examination. In this clinical place of activity, the general nurse or allied health professional responsibility is to carry out a brief risk assessment and refer to the suitable mental health professional for an inclusive psychiatric assessment (Department of Health, 2004).


In the discipline of nursing competence is necessary for nurses to create safe clinical decisions. Various other methods for evaluating competence involve self-assessment and the creation of professional portfolios. The usefulness of self-assessment has helped me to maintain and improve competence in the aspect of teaching student nurses who wants to learn more in the region of mental health nursing. My specific competence has advanced as I are more experience and the knowledgeable.

In complying with my tasks as a mental wellbeing nurse in supporting other skills development i’ll take part in team meetings where equal opportunities are given to talk about knowledge and concepts with colleagues. I’ll also take part in a teaching program either as an instructor or a study under a preceptor. Furthermore improve my scientific practice by with self or others.

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